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gray concrete building during daytime
gray concrete building during daytime

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Welcome to Business Growth Consultants

Business Growth Consultants (BGC) is an economic development incentives advisory firm serving growing businesses throughout the US. With our tailored solutions, and proven track record, we are a trusted choice for businesses seeking to understand the world of discretionary incentives. Discover how we as Incentive Innovators can help your business benefit with comprehensive incentives procurement services.

floating green leaf plant on person's hand
floating green leaf plant on person's hand

Not to mention

Our Expertise

At BGC, we specialize in procuring discretionary incentives for businesses going through various growth scenarios. From site location intelligence to labor market analysis and incentives procurement knowledge, we have the expertise to inform your future growth decisions and make a plan backed by data. Also through our real-time relationships, and vast work experience, we ensure that the businesses we serve are offered incentives that add value and further propel their business forward.

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person holding pencil near laptop computer

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Why Choose Us

When it comes to navigating the complex world of economic development incentives, choosing the right partner is crucial. Typical clients are small to midsize privately held or family owned clients evaluating attraction or expansion decisions, mergers/ acquisitions, new business divisions or service lines, or other multi-state factors. And we at BGC, operate at the speed of their business to nimbly and efficiently navigate government incentives programs. Then, we procure sizeable savings for our clients to compliment that growth.

About Us

At Business Growth Consultants, we pride ourselves on our professionalism through the entire incentives process before and long after incentives are procured (think YEARS long). Collectively, the team at BGC has over thirty years of hands on economic development and procurement experience. This means that we personally know the ins and outs behind the incentives procurement process, when to engage economic development partners and stakeholders, and secure this often hidden savings.


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